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“It’s Time for Women”…Gough Responds

1972: “It’s Time”…I still remember the ALP television ads featuring Alison McCallum, Col Joye, Little Pattie, Judy Stone, Bobby Limb and a host of others. Even before Gough Whitlam and Labor were elected, there was a sense of expectation and … Continue reading

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I’m A Granger

What on earth is a Granger, I can hear you ask. Well don’t reach for your dictionary as you wont find it there. Granger: A very angry grannie  Quiet a few things have got me going lately but the events … Continue reading

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Language of Exclusion

I was dismayed to read a blog by Kate Galloway referring to moves by the Queensland Government to revert to gender specific language within the Crime and Misconduct and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014. Apart from structural legislative changes to … Continue reading

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Tony Abbott A Feminist …Delusional Thinking

Delusional: Having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions I have to wonder if the public announcement by Prime Minister Tony Abbott that he is a “feminist” was a ploy to win over women or a ‘stuff you’ moment to the … Continue reading

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Nauru …What the hell is going on?

We all know that Australia has a partnership with Nauru which allows the government to export all our unwanted asylum seekers into a prison facility on the island. The Detention Centre was first opened under the Howard Government in 2001 … Continue reading

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Australia Day..Time For Change

Australia Day – What Does It Even Mean? Is it really a time to celebrate what it means to be Australian or another day of faux patriotism. I thankfully didn’t grow up with all the flag wearing, drunken behaviour that … Continue reading

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Where, oh where, are the women of calibre?

Originally posted on Random Observations of Life:
There must be something really strange happening in the Liberal Party (and, I suggest, the coalition overall). Is there really NOT more than ONE woman of sufficient calibre in the Liberal Party to…

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The Backlash Continues

Originally posted on The Hatbox Soapbox:
In 1991, two incredibly significant feminist texts were published, which helped to shape the politics and beliefs of a generation of young women and men. These were Naomi Wolf‘s The Beauty Myth: How Images…

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Democracy Under Threat

Well here I am with my first blog written in response to an opinion piece by Jessica Irvine which featured in Courier Mail 6th June 2013  It was the headline “Give Abbott the keys to the Lodge now” which first … Continue reading

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