Australian Women Deserve Better

Presenting Australia’s Minister for Women’s Affairs…Tony Abbott


On the day that Tony Abbott is sworn in as Australia’s 28th Prime Minister, Australian women are informed he will be assuming responsibility for Women’s Affairs rather than appoint a specific woman as Minister for the Status of Women.

In a normal course of events this would be unacceptable but given Abbott’ s own sexist, demeaning attitude & behaviour to women, it is appalling and insulting.

Abbott has long been implicated in questionable behaviour towards women.

Starting in his student days when he was accused of punching the wall next to the head of Babara Ramjan, president of the SRC, other accusations of assaulting women,  to his appalling sexists degrading treatment of Australia’s first Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. His political career has been littered with so many inappropriate comments about women.

A few to consider:

“I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons.” Four Corners 15/03/2010

” I think there does need to be give and take on both sides, and this idea that sex is kind of a woman’s right to absolutely withhold, just as the idea that sex is a man’s right to demand I think they are both they both need to be moderated, so to speak” March 2010

The problem with the Australian practice of abortion is that an objectively grave matter has been reduced to a question of the mother’s convenience.’ March 2004

“What the housewives of Australia need to understand as they do the ironing is that if they get it done commercially it’s going to go up in price and their own power bills when they switch the iron on are going to go up, every year….” Sydney Morning Herald February 2010

“While I think men and women are equal, they are also different and I think it’s inevitable and I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all that we always have, say, more women doing things like physiotherapy and an enormous number of women simply doing housework.” Herald-Sun 06/08/2010.

” I think she has considerable sex appeal” comment regarding Liberal Candidate now MP Fiona Scott

Abbott’s deplorable comments of Julia Gillard included:

” Should be hit with a baseball bat”

“Should have a target put on her”

“Should be grilled”

He made no condemnation when other disgraceful comments were made about Julia Gillard including one from Steven Ciobo MP who said she  “should have her throat cut”. Ciobo has now been promoted in Abbott’s team to a parliamentary secretary. Or Alan Jones who said “she should be put in a chaff bag & dumped at sea”

No man who has respect for women irrespective of political differences would have stood under those signs. It was an affront to all women. Women on the Labor front bench were often referred to as “The Handbag Hit Squad”

And now Abbott in presiding over a cabinet that has one woman amongst its ranks. However Abbott quickly assures us  there are ” talented women knocking on the door”. Not good enough.

The Office for Women in the previous government outlined their 3 key policy areas that needed addressing:

  • Reducing violence against women
  • Increasing women’s economic security
  • Ensuring women’s equal place in society

These issues remain critical for ensuring all Australian women irrespective of race, class, education, ethnicity, age & sexual preference are able to participate fully in Australian society without fear of violence, abuse & discrimination. These issues deserve serious policy decisions underpinned by a strong commitment from government towards ensuring justice & equity for all women.

We cannot afford to allow Tony Abbott to drag us backwards.

 A society that is not equal for all is NOT Equal or Just for anyone.

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18 Responses to Australian Women Deserve Better

  1. Your anger is palpable here lady, thank you, I don’t feel so lonely now xxxx

    • Yes Noely, angry at the disdain for women, angry that work of good women is being wound back, angry that my granddaughters will have to keep fighting for what should have been already provided…and on it goes.

      • I’m with you both Noely & Silent No More. There are just so many women that are appalled that Abbott (can’t bring myself to call him my PM ‘cos he’s not) has the audacity to think that he should have the right to be in charge of ‘women’s affairs’.
        The women of this country are not a minority group. I just wonder what on earth they were thinking if they voted for this egomaniac.
        There is one slight upside of now having Abbott & his mob in power. It will show Australia just how lucky we were to have had a government who’s main concerns were for the welfare of the masses. The lies that have been shoved down our necks will be exposed, one by one. That man & his party will come to realize that what you sow (3 years of 3 word slogans, hatred, vitriol) you shall reap.
        My daughters had already started to make sure that their girls were aware of what can happen if ‘the old men brigade’ got into power. They are now making sure that they discuss the issues that are/will affect them with other women/girls. They now also realize just how dumbed down the people of this country were kept by the MSM & their owners.
        One of my daughters said “why were we not told of ………”.
        So for the next 3 years or until & if Abbott calls a double dissolution they will fight to get the messages out that the MSM should have been writing about, the truths, not the lies.
        Personally I reckon the S**t will hit the fan very shortly & this time he won’t have anywhere to run & hide. He will be exposed as the Emperor with No Clothes.

      • berlioz1935 says:

        All you women knew before the election what kind of person Abbott is. There are more women on the electoral roll than voters who voted Labor. It is good that you want to educate your daughters and granddaughters in whom to vote for. I feel there is a revulsion going across the country. We all hope there will be a double dissolution. Perhaps he won’t go into that trap and we have to wait three years. I’m an old man, but I don’t belong to the old-man-brigade.

      • Bettsie says:

        Thanks for your supportive feedback. Men and women of decency can change the world! We need educate boy young men & women that they have nothing to fear from equality and everything to gain!

  2. martha says:

    when are woman going demand he step aside from being min, for woman affairs where are the well known woman in aust why so quiet, we ordinary girls need leader to talk for us.
    I find it frightening and threatening. please speak out

  3. Shirley Green says:

    I am truly appalled at Abbott’s nerve to take on this portfolio as well as choosing Michaelia Cash to assist. This must be a deliberate act of provocation and I hope there are many protests. I don’t want either representing me. In fact I would join a mass protest if there were one.

    • martha says:

      if you are on twitter there is a petition, follow jane caro or nancy cato and you will find it
      there is a face book account now called I think ; wrecking the joint; noticed had over 33th clicks may be abbott does not understand strong woman .
      he doesn’t speak for me, the same as my loving husband of 45 years this year would never presume to speak for me nor I him,
      so abbott must be used to speaking for the woman in his life,,
      love a rally of some sort a peaceful one with candles

  4. martha says:

    are you managing to get this out in to the work place , love to know feed back as retired now
    it has the effect on me as making me feel worthless, how has it effected others like some feed back
    depressed enough with him declaring he speak for me, think it s a form of look u o do what I say
    any on else feel the same.
    hope your article is tweeted

  5. itsmeagain46 says:

    Women have had the vote for over 100 yrs (since 1908) and been able to stand for Parliament for 90 yrs (1923). It’s shocking that there is only 1 women in cabinet and our ‘Prime Nutter’ thinks he’s the best arbiter of our fate.
    We’ve been traded like cattle to the highest bidder, raped, abused and been abandoned in pregnancy or with children to raise and many, many more indignities for centuries past. Maybe the most humiliating thing has been the blame and lack of respect. The paternalistic claptrap spouted by know-it-all men.
    Now Tones thinks he has the answers and can play Big Daddy to us all!
    No, men don’t know what women want or need. We communicate very well, thank you. We can and will speak for ourselves.
    I proclaim the 21st century ‘Womens’ Century’
    Now I feel better!

  6. martha says:

    bettsie funny thing happened after I posted back to u on twitter its not the first time it has happened to me I got my account suspended cannot see any reason appealed but one wonders can some tweeters who don’t like what we say click on spam
    any way glad I found you here so hope I get back
    denese denese dash I am annoyed
    want to see that petition get to 1 million
    just thought u would wonder where I went,
    with out twitter one misses so much for instance the petion

  7. Speaking out again my friend,fabulous ,needs to be said ,yelled again & again Abbott does not speak or decide for us women,taking on this portfolio is insulting because we all know what he really thinks re women- a thorough misogynist…..women are angry watch out Abbott we’re gathering!

  8. Great article you have said expressed it all so well full of meaning Thank You……

    I am 63 years old I can not believe that a man who is suppose to be the head of our Country in 2013 is treating the Women of Australia like Abbott is and seems to be getting away with it. So sad and Disapointing, that we in Australia have come so far and now it is going, I feel like we are being wiped out of History and now we are back in the 50s.

    Is this a deliberate get back at Julia Gillard and all the women who said no Tony Abbott you are sexists?
    Please unite and allow my Granddaughters to grow up Equal to any Man to allow them to be any one they want to be and the Freedom of Choice to do it..

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