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The Backlash Continues

Originally posted on The Hatbox Soapbox:
In 1991, two incredibly significant feminist texts were published, which helped to shape the politics and beliefs of a generation of young women and men. These were Naomi Wolf‘s The Beauty Myth: How Images…

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War on Women: The Reality

In his book War on Women, Brian Vallee says it is not the war on terror, the Iraq war or the war in Afghanistan, but the war on women which is most often ignored or distorted by the media. How … Continue reading

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You Dont Speak for Me

Does the current political discourse on race and immigration, as reported in the media, reflect the opinions of ‘ordinary’ Australians? I for one say No. You Don’t Speak For Me. Among my music collection is a treasured album from retired … Continue reading

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Democracy Under Threat

Well here I am with my first blog written in response to an opinion piece by Jessica Irvine which featured in Courier Mail 6th June 2013  It was the headline “Give Abbott the keys to the Lodge now” which first … Continue reading

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